Best things to do on Weekend

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things to do on Weekend

Weekends are meant for entertainment and fun, After working for hours and days, everybody deserves a break to take some time out and enjoy with their groups respectively. Families and friends can make the Weekend a whole lot better by planning out their favourite things, or they enhance the occasion by just being an active member of the group.

Here are some things that you and your group could possibly engage in over the Weekend – 

Play an Escape Room

It’s all fun and games that boost up the entertainment genre, Head over to Breakout Escape Rooms – India’s premier destination for a thrill, located in Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

The general concept of an escape room is you and your team are trapped in a room filled with clues and puzzles to solve by immersing in characters based on a movie-styled experience and escape in time. Escape rooms enhance your mind, body and soul. The game experiences are based on a plot that varies from theme to theme, i.e. Superhero to Robbers to Detectives.

Escape rooms are a test of a person’s mental and physical abilities by putting each player to logically analyse, visualise and react to certain stages with the usage of different props through each game stage and engage in an immersive experience.

Watch the sunset

Watch the sunsets gazing over the horizons of lovely beaches, or just head over to your terrace or rooftops by doing something productive with your loved ones, maybe some of those include photo sessions, terrace picnics or playing board games.

Do a road rally with friends.

Go to a road rally with your squad, hop on to those vehicles, be it cars or bikes and zoom over the roads, go to restaurants, eat food, enjoy together, take snaps and regard them as memories or you could also engage in a mobile scavenger hunt just like a treasure hunt, plan up roam around surroundings and make sure you are in a safe environment.

Scan your old photographs

Scan your old photographs from your photo albums. It peps up a nostalgic factor as you progress through each album, be it to the lovely places you guys went with your friends or families, attending various functions, or just popping into your cousin’s houses to have a great time. It gives a refreshing experience.

Go to the farmer’s market.

Communities will have locally seasoned and grown fruits and vegetables harvested, sown and brought to the retail stores or farmers’ market, Just hop out to pick out your daily needs for your households, go shopping and have a nice time.

Play card games

Engage in board or card games like a rummy circle or scrabble, or business to solve mysteries, missions or cases that interest you and that are suitable for all ages with various materials to play with, such as dice, business money and pawns that enhances its experience of fun for the players.

Go on a bike ride

Be a part of clubs or communities and go on a bike ride and engage in a fun experience, go on long tours, discover nature and stop by near places to grab some quick eateries. Enjoy and immerse in fun and step outdoors! 

Write out your life plan.

Plan on something useful, record all your events or moments and plan on your goals, dreams and. Prepare a bucket list and pen them down in your diary. These are regarded as wishes on your wish list and plan for the future.

Write a letter to a family member you have not talked to in a while 

Suppose you hold things off for a while, you have connections in different parts of the city, state or the world, It kind of feels left out when you are not in touch, So connect to them, write a letter, express your feelings or just share generic thoughts and be neutral. By speaking up, you will establish new connections or just re-build with the old ones.

Allot some of your time

It is very important to check up on yourself, do not always engage around people or do those routine tasks, take some time off and focus on yourself and engage with your soul, body and mind and do what you feel is right.

Put some things off

Put some things off, it is not always necessary to keep on working for hours, some things can be postponed, and you can always focus on when to pick them back up.

Find a new hobby

Find some hidden talents among yourselves, you guys never know what you are capable of, pursue a new hobby or give time to your old hobbies, stay passionate and dedicated towards it and work on those goals and fulfil all your dreams.

These are some of the best things to do on the Weekend and enjoy within your respective groups, be it friends or families. So have fun and take a break.

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